Review: BMW Z4 30i (2019/G29)

BMW Z4 30i, created by dji camera

I was lucky to drive the BMW Z4 30i (2019/G29) for two days around Munich. Some days later I was even more lucky to take the BMW Z4 M40i out for another 2 days. I will do a review on both and also do a comparison later. But let’s get started with the BMW Z4 30i.

The BMW Z4 30i is the well known 4 cylinder engine, also found in the new BMW 3 Series or the BMW 5 Series. In its Z4 specific (EU) configuration (In the US the engine has more power thanks to lower environmental standards) the 30i produces 258 horsepower. The BMW Z4 30i is surrounded by the M40i and the 20i. So is the BMW Z4 30i the best choice?

Lets start with the basic configuration. The 30i comes with LED headlights (as all other Z4), the new fully digital speed indicator (10inch) plus another 10 inch screen nearby for entertainment, navigation and more. Analog speed indicator are likely to follow but so far you need to pay for the digital cockpit (for me it is worth every cent). The alloy wheels are 17inch, and in my opinion you should invest at least additional 700€ for the 18inch wheels as the wheel house offers more than enough space and looks kind of emty with the 17.

BMW offers three model lines for the Z4. Advantage, Sports and M Sports. Advantage (+1000€) only adds basic stuff like the parking distance control, fully automatic climate control and the windblocker.

Sports (+4750€) really brings the car to a new level with 18inch alloy wheels, leather Interieur and M Sport seats.

The M Sports package (+6000€) adds the M spoiler and aerodynamic parts that change the look of the car and make it look more aggressive.

And that brings me to a problem. By adding the M-Sports package (it really looks great) you add 6000€ to the basis of 47.950€. And the stronger, 6 cylinder M40i already comes with the M-Look and some other features like the M Sports Differential and adaptive ride.

So, if you want to go for the 30i I would suggest to save some money and life with the basic look of the Z4. Otherwise, go take the M40i.

But lets get into the car and start driving. First, no, the 30i does not feel like you have not enough power. The 4cylinder is powerful, the response quick and the steering direct as you would like it to be in a real roadster/sports car. On the other hand, the car and its chassis is really impressive and it feels like it could easily handle another 100 horsepower or even more. The sound of the 30i is also good, in comfort mode its almost (too?) silent, in sports mode you get some really nice bubbling and noise from the exhaust, even though it’s a bit fake. But it sounds great, especially when changing into a lower gear around 3500 rpm.

For me the BMW Z4 30i is a great roadster with a great engine and an even better chassis. Is there a real reason to go for the M40i? No. But do you really need a real reason to go for (one of the last?) great 6 cylinder BMW

BMW Z4 30i Technical Data

  • Engine: 4 cylinder, 258hp
  • Torque max 400Nm between 1550-4400 rpm
  • 1505kg
  • 0-100km/h 5,4s
  • vmax 250 km/h (limited)
  • fuel consumption 5,2 -7,4 (official), 8,8 during my testdrive

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