Review: BMW Z4 30i (2019/G29)

BMW Z4 30i
BMW Z4 30i, created by dji camera

I was lucky to drive the BMW Z4 30i (2019/G29) for two days around Munich. Some days later I was even more lucky to take the BMW Z4 M40i out for another 2 days. I will do a review on both and also do a comparison later. But let’s get started with the BMW Z4 30i.

The BMW Z4 30i is the well known 4 cylinder engine, also found in the new BMW 3 Series or the BMW 5 Series. In its Z4 specific (EU) configuration (In the US the engine has more power thanks to lower environmental standards) the 30i produces 258 horsepower. The BMW Z4 30i is surrounded by the M40i and the 20i. So is the BMW Z4 30i the best choice?

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