Review: Mazda MX5 RF 184hp, Testdrive around Munich

I recently had the feeling that I might „need“ a new car, a new toy, a convertible, a Roadster. And when you start thinking about Roadsters, at least at some point you will see the MX5.

MX5 RF frontview

But to be honest, I never thought of the Mazda MX5 as a car that could be of any interest to me. It’s for women (sorry for this stupid bias), it’s too small, it’s just a Mazda and maybe most important to me, there are just so many MX5 that it’s hardly something special.

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Review: BMW i3s – EV in a longterm test

BMW i3s at an EnBW charging spot
BMW i3s at an EnBW charging spot

After more than 10.000km in one year+, it is time to stop and review my experience with my BMW i3s. My first ever fully electric vehicle. Would I buy it (or another EV) again? Can I recommend the i3? To everyone?

How about BMWi3s real life range?

Let’s start with the most discussed topic when talking about EVs, the range. I own a 2018 BMW i3s with the 94 Ah battery pack. The official range depends on the used metrics / standards but let’s skip this and move on to the real world.

First you need to learn that a remaining range of 50km does not mean you need to go look for a „gas station“ like you would probably do in a ICE Car. In my case it just means you can go another 50km to work and back (so probably another week) before you just plug your car in during the night to get it fuelled up again over night. And it is really that easy, if you have a garage and/or a workplace where you can just plug in (in my case even for free at work).

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Review: BMW Z4 M40i (2019/G28)

BMW Z4 M40i from above, taken by my drone from dji

I had the opportunity do drive the BMW Z4 M40i for two days in and around Munich. Let me start with a statement: the car is fantastic. Let’s find out why.

The price of the M40i is not that bad as it comes with some more extras

The M40i is – so far – the most powerful engine you can get for the Z4. First, the exterior incluedes the M-parts at the front and back that make the car look much more sporty and even more aggressive than the serial version. When you love this, the M-packages is included in the basis price of 63.750€ as are 18inch wheels, the adaptive sports suspension and the sporty differential lock.

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