Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo – long term test

I bought my Marco Polo back in 2021 right after the small Updates that were applied in comparison to the previous model. The main reasons for me was the larger Screen in the cockpit and some smaller changes. Yes, to me the cockpit is probably more important than the camping features, otherwise I might be driving a VW California. More to that later.

Let’s start with some data from my Marco Polo and the most relevant extras I ordered:

  • Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo, 300d (234PS)
  • AMG Line
  • RWD
  • Leather
  • Sun-Roof
  • All-In MBUX, Navigation, HiFi Package

So far, I drove the car 30.000km and yes, I really enjoy driving it. Sitting in the driver seat feels more as if you were driving a nice large SUV rather than a bus. And in direct comparison to a Volkswagen California T6.1 (my father owns one), the difference is huge.

What’s the difference between a Volkswagen California and a Mercedes Marco Polo?

In short: The Volkswagen T6.1 California is a better Camper, the integrated seats in the backdoor and the table in the side doors are just nicely stored away and it leaves more room for baggage. The downside of this: The VW tends to rattle a bit here and there, the focus on camping is also reflected in less focus on the cockpit.

The Marco Polo on the other hand is simply a great car (and a good camper). The Rear Wheel Drive (or the all wheel drive if you really need it) is way better in terms of handling and „sportiness“ than the front wheel drive in the VW. Is a Sporty Camper Van even a thing? I have to admit, yes it is. If you have seen the other cars I have been driving in the past, I believe I really have a tendency for quick and sporty cars. And – believe it or not – the 300d Marco Polo is really nice to drive around any funny, curvy country road. Actually up to a point where my co-pilot is actually complaining 🙂

Would I recommend the Mercedes Marco Polo and buy one again?

Well, that’s easy to answer for me, it’s a clear YES. Actually I already ordered the new one, the 2024 Facelift. Why? Well, I love new cars, I love tech, and I love some of the new (driver focused) features like the new fully digital screen, better seats for long distances and also the new Air Suspension that also has a Camper-Level function so I can leave the large ramp wedges at home.

What did I order? That’s also simple to answer: 300d „with everything“ apart from the 4wheel drive. I don’t need that and it just adds weight.

Let’s see, what CoPilot is telling us about the car

„What can you tell me about the Mercedes Benz Marco Polo? „

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