Comparison: BMW iX1 xDrive 30 vs Mercedes EQA 350

I had the pleasure to own a Mercedes EQA 350 for a year and now I own a BMW iX1 xDrive30. To be more precise, both cars belong(ed) to my wife. But that’s not the point here. I can really compare those two EVs. And as much as they play in the same league, they are quite different.

And I have to admit, while I am a BMW guy, the EQA did a great job, the best was that I sold it after a year for the same price as I actually bought it.

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Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo – long term test

I bought my Marco Polo back in 2021 right after the small Updates that were applied in comparison to the previous model. The main reasons for me was the larger Screen in the cockpit and some smaller changes. Yes, to me the cockpit is probably more important than the camping features, otherwise I might be driving a VW California. More to that later.

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