BMW 650i xdrive (F12), my new love

BMW 6 Series F12, 650i xDrive 2017

What started to be the wish for having a convertible (again) finally worked out. Slightly differentl y than expected. I started with driving the Mazda MX5 RF, considered the BMW Z4 in both versions, the 3.0i as well as the Z4 M40i and ended up realizing, that even though it’s car number 3 in our parking lot, having only 2 seats makes things complicated sometimes. So the search continued and I started looking for a convertible with 4 seats.

The first idea was a new Ford Mustang GT with its fabulous V8 engine. Turned out, that this engine ist a bit too loud for a quiet neightbourhood… but the idea of having a V8 engine before we all go electric, stuck to me.

And finally, I started to look for a BMW 650i convertible. As I had never bought a used car before, I wanted it to be as young as possible and also with low mileage. And then I found this one:

My BMW 650i xDrive (F12) Technical Data:

Registration date: 2017
Mileage/Kilometers: 9.650m | 15.500km
Engine: V8 | 4395ccm
Horsepower: 450ps | 330kw

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